Sethu was born in Chendamangalam. a village in Ernakulam district, in
the year 1942. A place of great historical importance, Chendamangalam
was the abode of the famous Paliathachans,  hereditary Prime Ministers
of the former  Maharajah of Cochin. On the hillock at Kottayil Kovilakom,
on the banks of the confluence of the three rivers, there is a Krishna
temple, a Christian Church, a Mosque and a Jewish Synagogue, all
within a radius of 1 Km, depicting the communal and cultural harmony
of the area.

The remains of the Vaipikkotta seminary built in the 16th century by the
Portuguese are still to be seen here. Adjacent to the seminary is an old
Syrian Catholic church, where the remains of  the first printing press of
South India established by the Jesuit priests could be seen.

Sethu had his school education at the well known Paliam High School at
Chendamangalam, which celebrated its centenary recently. He took his
Bachelors’ Degree in Physics from the Union Christian College, Aluva, at
the age of 18.

Then started his long journey into the outer world, an endeavour to
explore new vistas of experience, aiming at the elusive peaks of
excellence, in different  areas of activities.…